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With over 25 years of experience in fashion industry Mood offers a unique and complete service for apparel collections production

Who we are

Mood is born in Salento (Italy) in 2016.
The founder approached fashion industry starting from the previous family business.
She became supervisor producer for many successful designers.
In 2016, after 25 years of experience, she decided to dedicate her passion and know-how to apparel collection production for her clients.

We are a constantly growing company, strongly innovation-oriented.
Thanks to cutting-edge machines and high quality production, we contribute to the Made in Italy excellence.

We collaborate with big brands who recognized their strength in Made in Italy

About us

Strongly convinced of Made in Italy products’ excellence and high quality, Mood is born into Salento’s reality for support and protect the strength of the territory.

We are specialized in manufacturing of female clothing, from simple garment to total look. We follow the production process for our clients, from the pattern piece to prototype, samples and final productions.

Our mission is to reach the highest levels of quality for our clients

Our services


Our specialized staff develops the pattern pieces with CAD software from the initial drawing. Our patterns are developed in digital form, realizing prototypes with the best wearability.

Our modeling service includes:

  • Pattern piece development
  • Prototype realization
  • Prototype ‘de-defection’
  • Sample realization


Thanks to the experience of our team and cutting-edge machines, we are able to manufacture total look with the highest quality for our clients.

Our production process includes:

  • Sizes development
  • Raw materials comsumption optimization
  • Finished garment assembling
  • Quality check


Automatic cutting
Our automatic cutting machines use CAD software for automatic placement. We are able to optimize raw materials consumption and reduce production times, getting the most efficient result for next assembling phase.

Manual cutting A manual cutting table is available for fabrics that needs manual placement (squares, rows or fantasies, etc…)

We realize cutting service for our clients.



Adhesive application

Thanks to our cutting-edge machine, we are able to work with whole rolls of fabric, even big sizes, up to 180cm high.

We perform adhesive application and lamination for our clients


Our company offers personalized machine embroidery realized with multi-head machines. We offer high quality embroidery services on all kind of fabrics and finished garments applications.

Contact us

Zona Industriale Collepasso, Tronco E, 73040, Collepasso (LE), Italy

(+39) 0833 341 345

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